Tokyo Tokyo and Kaya FC Event

Fire and Ice Festival Daniel as Fire coz he is HOT Me as Ice coz i'm Chill :)

Fire and Ice Festival
Daniel as Fire coz he is HOT
Me as Ice coz i’m Chill 🙂

Tuesday, March 4, 2014, Tokyo Tokyo Net Lima Branch, I was able to be a part of the Tokyo Tokyo Fire and Ice Festival Launch.

Present were members of the press, Tokyo Tokyo endorser Daniel Matsunaga, and some players from Kaya FC, a division 1 United Football League team where Daniel Matsunaga is part of, and Kaya FC is also the latest addition to the Tokyo Tokyo family.Tokyo Tokyo endorser for almost 3 years

Tokyo Tokyo endorser for almost 3 years
Daniel withKaya FC team mates

Daniel withKaya FC team mates

The event short but fun. There was a charade game and there was also a contest for the best dressed of the day. And of course, food tasting is always on top of the list. Everyone got to experience the JapaNICE menu of Tokyo Tokyo.

And today, Snow Ice, a new dessert of Tokyo Tokyo was formally introduced. Snow Ice comes with Halo Halo, Mango Peach Medley, and Choco Sensation flavors. Just so perfect for summer!

Snow Ice Mango Peach Medley

Snow Ice Mango Peach Medley

Snow Ice Halo Halo

Snow Ice Halo Halo

Snow Ice Choco Sensation

Snow Ice Choco Sensation

 Come and check ’em out too! Arigatou gozaimasu, Tokyo Tokyo!!!

WithTokyo Tokyo's Ms.Mardi Dator

WithTokyo Tokyo’s Ms.Mardi Dator

freebie box

freebie box

what's inside the freebie box

what’s inside the freebie box


Did you cry? Why?


You may be one of those people who cry at romantic movies, upon hearing a very touching song, or simply being a recipient of a kind gesture.

Or you may be the type who can’t remember when you last cried.

Either way, crying often catches the often-teary eyed or the usually stoic off guard — striking at a time or place where you don’t want to weep — and others don’t want to watch you weep.

The ”why” of crying may seem obvious and straightforward: You’re happy or sad.

‘Crying is a natural emotional response to certain feelings, usually sadness and hurt. But then people also cry under other circumstances and occasions,” says Stephen Sideroff, PhD

I cry easily. And I am not ashamed of it. I feel better after a good cry. But sometimes, it’s just not cool to let the tears flow when you are not in the right situation, so I just postpone it. Suppression isn’t good, and never crying is mentally unhealthy.

Remember: “The sorrow which has no vent in tears may make other organs weep.”

Tokyo Tokyo Ramen Tasting Event



Last August 8, 2013, Tokyo Tokyo held a Ramen Tasting Event in their Trinoma branch. More or less 70 people from the press were present at the event.


As the endorser of Tokyo Tokyo, Daniel Matsunaga was also present in the said event.

We had a taste test of the 3 variants of Tokyo Tokyo Ramen which are Braised Pork, Spicy Chicken and Tempura Miso.  I don’t call it a taste test though, I prefer calling it Fiesta! Thank you so much Tokyo Tokyo for the buffet!

After a few interviews, photo ops with Daniel Matsunaga followed.

Remembrance with the Geisha girl :)

Remembrance with the Geisha girl 🙂

Tokyo Tokyo tumbler and some GCs :p

Tokyo Tokyo tumbler and some GCs :p

It had been a wonderful event! Aside from full tummies, we left the place with some goodies from Tokyo Tokyo. Arigato Tokyo Tokyo!

STRESS, a silent murderer

STRESS, a silent murderer

According to the Philippine Rheumatology Association, more than 5 million Filipino adults are diagnosed with arthritis. Approximately 11 million are suffering from diabetes. Twenty five percent or 14 million are struggling with high blood pressure. The leading cause of mortality is heart problems which comprise 35% of total deaths in the country. Stress is the common factor of all these serious conditions. While it may not be the sole cause, it is definitely among the strong contributing factors.

Stress may be a silent killer but letting it get the best of you is a choice. Commit to a stress-free lifestyle by maintaining a sunny disposition and prioritizing your activities.

Advance Birthday Gifts

June is my favorite month of the year for the mere reason that it is my birth month! 🙂

With more than 3 weeks to go before my birthday, I already received something in the mail! Yuhoo!


Box pa lang cute na!


Cutie pouch with Nerds Lip Gloss and Maybelline Water Shine Lippie

Maybelline-Watershine-Lipstick DSC03081

Thanks, Ellaine!

For those who still wanna send out gifts, you still got plenty of time ehehehe 🙂